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We have more than 140 years produced exciting and creative quality embroidery in many categories. Our designers are constantly developing new and exciting creative quality designs, which are included in our production. Click on each picture to see more.

There are given an order number, embroidery targets and fabric declarations.

Our embroidery exported to a number of countries and sold in a wide range of shops


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Tine Wessel design by OOE

Design by OOE

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news from 'haandarbejents fremme'

The joy of embroidery enhanced by the sight of these lovely examples.

Marianne Thor's very modern pillows and the new advent calendar.

Mushrooms motifs from Connie Schimmel is beautiful and fits the season.

The beautiful flower motifs from the artist Lisbeth Roum-Møller recalls the soon disappeared summer.

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Danish Flower Thread color 86 is world famous for its soft red hue and helps to make the pattern cat to a bestseller.

Original and licensed HF-canvas and Flowers Yarn available only from OOE.

Conni Schimmel love the inspiration from nature and have again recreated summer's wonderful flowers.

The three images are all embroidered with original Danish Flower Thread on HF 10 treads linen.

Finished size is 20 x 20 cm.

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"The Year in Cross Stitch 2020" is taking us back to one of our greatest embroidery designers, Gerda Bengtsson.

This year the Association has chosen to use 12 of Gerda's calendar designs from prev ious calendars . Gerda Bengtsson has had an enormaus influence on
Haa ndarbejdets Fremme's style, which is know worldwide.
We have come up with new suggestions on how to mount embroideries, but it is, of course, entirely your preference and choice.

Click on the photo and see the first pages of this calendar and pictures of embroideries for each month of the year with examples of the use of the embroideries for many different purposes in daily life.

'Haandarbejdets fremme' catalog.

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