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O. Oehlenschlägers Eftf. has for more than 140 years been among the leading embroidery companies in the world and can now present a wide range of embroidery, which is quite unique in terms of quality and design.

In addition to our own designs / packages and accessories, we have been a manufacturer for the Promotion of Handicrafts since 2011.

O.Oehlenschläger Eftf. was founded in 1874 for the purpose of developing and trading good and salable embroidery and needlework models.

From its infancy in Købmagergade, Copenhagen’s busy business district, the company has experienced rapid development and is today known and respected.

The company still develops and renews beautiful embroideries in beautiful colors.


Today, the company is housed in its own buildings in Fårvang and is also a wholesaler in Denmark for quality knitting yarn.

With the help of artists, we are constantly developing new exciting creative quality motifs that are continuously included in our production.

Only the best materials are used for our embroideries, in this way we ensure that the finished embroideries have a long life and radiate quality.

Our embroideries are exported to many countries and sold in this country in a large number of shops.

We hope the embroidery models cover the need to seek inspiration and knowledge about embroidery.


We reserve the right to make errors in texts and subject images.