We have more than 140 years produced exciting and creative quality embroidery in many categories. Our designers are constantly developing new and exciting creative quality designs, which are included in our production.

There are given an order number, embroidery targets and fabric declarations.

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Øverst – 42-7141 ca. 8×6,8 cm x2

Nederst – 42-7140 ca. 8×6,8 cm x2

Design Pia Matthiessen

Søren Nielsen Design

Beautiful new pillows str. ca. 40×40 cm

20-7138 -10B
20-7137 - 10B
20-7139 - 10B
20-7138 - 10B

Tine Wessel design by OOE

This year’s cross stitch 2022 was designed by Pia Matthiesen who is a relatively new designer for the promotion of needlework.

Her approach to design via watercolors to embroideries gives the very beautiful  detailed flowers and trees that are so classic for the promotion of needlework.

In this year’s calendar, Pia Mattiesen has played a bit with small insects in some of the motifs, which it is possible to pull out of the flower and let swarm around freely on the embroidery, depending on imagination.

We hope that the Calendar will give you all many enjoyable hours of both large and small embroidery.

The catalog ‘Haandarbejdets fremme’ contains over 1000 lovely embroidery motifs for any occasion. See the catalog click on the image.

The catalog is a wonderful tool to have as a book for daily inspiration.

Haandarbejdets Fremme

The joy of embroidery enhanced by the sight of these lovely examples.

Marianne Thor’s very modern pillows.

The beautiful flower motifs from the artist Lisbeth Roum-Møller recalls the soon disappeared summer.

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Conni Schimmel love the inspiration from nature and have again recreated summer’s wonderful embrodery

The images are embroidered with original Danish Flower Thread on HF 10 treads linen.

Finished size is 20 x 20 cm.


23 beautiful new colors


Original and licensed HF-canvas and ‘HF-Blomstergarn’ available only from OOE.